Latest Issue: Identity

Issue 2 of DNA Magazine focuses on how the identities we use to define ourselves shape how we see the world around us.

In this issue: flick through pages of stamps with Christina Tang-Bernas as she brings a sense of order to her compulsive collection in A Eulogy in Stamps, share the anguish of sibling rivalry with Die Booth in The Cutter, risk entangling with bears in search of the serenity of a trout stream with Michael Carter in Blood Knot and finally, reflect on the role that high-profile medical cases play on our opinions about life, death and the indignity of disease in Phil Berry's moving essay Stigmata.

Our debut issue celebrated the forgotten moments hidden behind ordinary lists. Peer through the darkness at the history of an abandoned Tube Station, see the collection of personal items carried by a fallen WW1 Tommy and climb aboard a canal barge with a Medway Pirate as one family seek to escape the city.

In this issue, we want to travel the world visiting the locations not featured on TripAdvisor or in glossy travel agent brochures. We want to see the world through your eyes and your experiences.

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