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Lists – love them or hate them, our lives are often defined by them. They can be as plain as a shopping list or as adventurous as a bucket list. They can either rule a our lives or keep us on the right track. They highlight our achievements or cast a harsh spotlight on our disappointments. But no matter what the content, there is no such thing as a mundane list. Hidden behind every bullet point is a myriad of meanings, personal and unique moments that build the narrative of a person's life.

In this issue: pack your rucksack with essentials in What I Would Take Up to a Mountain by Ion Corcos, brew up after a children's soft-play birthday party with father-of-three Christopher Stanley's Survivor Guilt, buckle up and sing along with a showtunes extravaganza playlists in The Family Business by Susan E Barsby and catch a bus with Tino Prinzi in The Same People at the Bus Stop.


Thank You

No publication can be produced in isolation. I would like to thank the following people for supporting me in this endeavour, from giving me skills to design, edit and create this publication, or to providing me with essential advice or financial support via Launch Pad. Without these people, this magazine would not have developed beyond an initial spark of an idea.

Ruth Anderson
Louisa Bailey
Gary Clarke
Colin Edwards
Adam Ellison-Quinn
Carrie Etter
Swagata Ghosh
Caroline Harris
Emma Head
Steve Hollyman
Alexander Jones
Liv Maradei
Daniel Marsden
David Marsden
Jill Marsden
Gaynor Morgan
Gordon Morgan
Lyn Mills
Gemma Matthews
Santino Prinzi
Suzanne Rodzik
Diane Simmons
Chris Stanley
Lucy Sweetman
Danielle Weinburger
Gavin Wilschen
Jenny Woodhouse

University is a time for students to think big and chase brilliant ideas. The Bath Spa Launch Pad, founded by the Development and Alumni Relations Office, provides a crowdfunding platform to help staff and students realise their ambitions—be they academic projects, social enterprises or business ideas. The platform engages with friends and alumni of the university, giving them the opportunity to engage with these endeavours.

DNA Magazine therefore also thanks Amethyst Biggs, Naomi Box, Symone Weekes and Susan Hammond for their efforts in developing this platform. Without Launch Pad and the sponsorship we gained through its networks, we would not be able to afford to produce a print copy of the first issue.

DNA is not the only project to have benefitted from this platform—there are many other projects on the site currently looking for sponsorship in order to launch their project from initial ideas into reality. More information on these projects can be found here.