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Lists – love them or hate them, our lives are often defined by them. They can be as plain as a shopping list or as adventurous as a bucket list. They can either rule a our lives or keep us on the right track. They highlight our achievements or cast a harsh spotlight on our disappointments. But no matter what the content, there is no such thing as a mundane list. Hidden behind every bullet point is a myriad of meanings, personal and unique moments that build the narrative of a person's life.

In this issue: pack your rucksack with essentials in What I Would Take Up to a Mountain by Ion Corcos, brew up after a children's soft-play birthday party with father-of-three Christopher Stanley's Survivor Guilt, buckle up and sing along with a showtunes extravaganza playlists in The Family Business by Susan E Barsby and catch a bus with Tino Prinzi in The Same People at the Bus Stop.