Lists – love them or hate them, our lives are often defined by them. They can be as plain as a shopping list or as adventurous as a bucket list. They can either rule a our lives or keep us on the right track. They highlight our achievements or cast a harsh spotlight on our disappointments. But no matter what the content, there is no such thing as a mundane list. Hidden behind every bullet point is a myriad of meanings, personal and unique moments that build the narrative of a person's life.

Visual Lists

For this issue of the magazine, we are looking for any piece of short non-fiction writing (prose or poetry) inspired by a visual list of some form. The work can be about your own life or the life of somebody else – all that we ask is that you submit a digital copy of the list that inspired your work (and that you own the rights to that image).

So what is a visual list? Typically a list consists of a number of  items or names that have been written or printed – usually with one item below the other. A visual list, on the other hand, could be a photograph of a group of people, or a collection of photographs. It could be a series of stamps in a passport or a collection of fridge magnets from an old holiday. Whether it's a traditional paper shopping list or something all together more unexpected – if it's inspired you to write something you'd to submit for the magazine, we'd like to see it.

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